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CNN turns its LATEST major ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ FAIL into an attack on the prez (Video)

The network botched its story on its own

(National SentinelShifting Blame: CNN‘s “Reliable Sources” program, which is hosted by Brian Stelter, portrays itself as one that provides “the story behind the story, how the media really works, and how the news really gets made.”

But the program that airs on Sunday mornings failed to live up to its own standard when it tackled its own network’s latest massive screwup regarding a story on Team Trump it was forced to correct on Friday.

After addressing the network’s mistake for a couple of moments, in which he offered up a short preview of the reporting for the story, he then quoted CNN‘s public relations department which downplayed the scandal, The Daily Caller reported.

Stelter then introduced Carl Bernstein, famed for his reporting on Watergate for the Washington Post in the early 1970s, and noted anti-Trump pundit David Frum, neither of whom talked about how CNN got its Friday story wrong. Rather, they chose to focus on the president, whom they described as a “serial liar.”

Stelter then trotted out Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein and anti-Trump pundit David Frum, both of whom avoided discussing how CNN got its story wrong. Instead, they focused on President Trump, calling him a “serial liar.”

But, as The National Sentinel‘s editor in chief, J. D. Heyes, noted on Saturday, the network botched its story on its own:

Under the graphic, “The Russia Investigation” (because the network is still treating the lie that Team Trump “colluded” with Moscow to “steal the election” from Hillary), CNN reported this ‘bombshell’: — “Email pointed Trump campaign to Wikileaks documents.”

In their report, CNN alleged that someone from Wikileaks reached out to Donald Trump Jr. in early September 2016 — Sept. 4, to be exact — and offered “a decryption key and website address for hacked Wikileaks documents, according to an email provided to congressional investigators.”

As it turns out, the person representing Wikileaks — one Mike Erickson — made the offer on September 14, not the 4th. That date is significant because a) CNN’s initial report made it sound as if the Trump campaign had gotten exclusive access to stolen emails; and b) Wikileaks released the very same trove of data on September 13, the day before Erickson sent his email to Don Jr.

CNN‘s reporter on the story, Manu Raju, said “multiple sources” provided information about the email. But after several hours of constant reporting, the story fell apart.

“The revelation of the actual date of the email showed that instead of a super secret preview of stolen documents, a random person reached out to Trumpworld to point to documents that had already been released,” The Daily Caller reported.

Thus far, the network has refused to discipline Raju or his co-writer, Jeremy Herb.

“Look, reporters, journalists make mistakes,” said Bernstein, a paid CNN analyst, and veteran of Watergate. “Our record as journalists in covering this Trump story and the Russian story is pretty good, especially compared to the record of Donald Trump and his serial lying.”


But in reality, the media-driven narrative that there was “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia has been insinuated often, as CNN did again last week, but never proven to be accurate.

Trump has regularly called out establishment media reporters when they have been wrong in their reporting on him and his administration. He did so again following Friday’s erroneous report.

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