(National Sentinel) So Much Leaking: Rumors are floating around Capitol Hill in the wake of a CNN report on Friday attempting to link Donald Trump Jr. to alleged Russian collusion during last year’s election that the false information was leaked by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.

As The National Sentinel‘s editor, J. D. Heyes, noted in a political analysis of the story, the information that was leaked and subsequently published by CNN was incorrect. The network later changed its initial report to reflect a date change regarding the release of hacked email data from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee by Wikileaks.

“So CNN misreported the date of the Wikileaks email that @DonaldJTrumpJr received, meaning that the entire point of the story — that the campaign might have gotten advance warning of the leaks — is wrong. Wow,” tweeted Washington Examiner reporter Sarah Westwood.

But, as reported by The Gateway Pundit, the erroneous information likely came from Intelligence Committee Democrats:

Jeffrey Blehar of Decision Desk HQ says sources have told him ‘Dems on the House Intelligence committee intentionally misled CNN to affect news cycle,’ in respect to the ‘massively botched,’ Donald Trump Jr. / WikiLeaks story. 

In his report, Heyes mentioned that leaking was still a problem not only for the Trump administration, but for the integrity of the ongoing collusion investigation. Also, he criticized CNN and other media that have been extremely critical of the president for failing to verify leaked information before they publish it:

Under the graphic, “The Russia Investigation” (because the network is still treating the lie that Team Trump “colluded” with Moscow to “steal the election” from Hillary), CNNreported this ‘bombshell’: — “Email pointed Trump campaign to Wikileak documents.”

You remember those, right? All those anti-Hillary, Democratic corruption emails that were steadily leaked by the whistleblower web site that supposedly were hacked by….Russia? [Except that they weren’t.]

In their report, CNN alleged that someone from Wikileaks reached out to Donald Trump Jr. in early September 2016 — Sept. 4, to be exact — and offered “a decryption key and website address for hacked WiliLeaks documents, according to an email provided to congressional investigators.”

Heyes goes on to note that the date of the email sent to Trump Jr. wasn’t Sept. 4, but Sept. 14, a date that is significant, given that on Sept. 13, Wikileaks published the trove of information allegedly offered to the Trump campaign.

“How CNN got its report so wrong is unclear,” The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross wrote, noting that his media organization had access to the very same emails that Don J. was sent.

It isn’t clear whether Democratic members of the Intelligence Committee actually leaked what turned out to be incorrect information to CNN — information meant to feed into the Russian collusion narrative that has been pushed primarily by Democrats for more than a year.

But it is clear, say outside analysts, that a leak occurred, and it was designed to harm the Trump administration.

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