(National Sentinel) Ethics Committee: The House Ethics Committee has cleared Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., of charges that he disclosed classified information, clearing the way for him to lead his panel again as it proves Obama-era corruption.

In a statement, the committee concluded that classification experts in the intelligence community found that “the information that Rep. Nunes disclosed was not classified.” Fox News reported.

Nunes stepped away from his committee’s probe of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in April after disclosing in a March press conference that the president and some of his campaign staff were unmasked after Nunes saw some intelligence reports.

Afterward, Nunes then went to the White House to brief President Donald J. Trump regarding information in the reports before he met with members of his committee.

Democrats who were angered by his disclosure to Trump demanded an ethics investigation that lasted eight months. Nunes discounted the ethics probe as “entirely false and politically motivated.”

On Thursday, Nunes released a statement regarding the ethics investigation.

“I respect the ethics process, but I remain dismayed that it took an unbelievable eight months for the Committee to dismiss this matter,” he said, adding that he has called on the committee to release “all its transcripts related to my case.”

Just days after Nunes announced that Trump and members of his campaign staff were unmasked, investigative journalist Mike Cernovich broke the news that Susan Rice requested the unmasking of the incoming Trump administration.


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