(National Sentinel) Winning: In a column for the New York Post, John Crudele acknowledged that President Donald J. Trump’s first year in office has been chaotic. But he also said that it cannot be denied that his policies have been very good for economic growth.

“President Trump has an ace in the hole that his opponents are forgetting. Again!” his column began.

“Despite all the sideshows — the alleged Russian interference in the election, obstruction of justice probes, ringers in Trump investigations and, of course, the president’s big mouth and poor judgment — Trump became president because of one thing: The US economy hadn’t been growing enough to please voters,” he said.

And from all indications, the president has fulfilled that all-important campaign objective.

During the eight years of President Obama, Crudele noted that the economy was tepid at best. Much of that was due to the so-called Great Recession of 2008-09, which began before Obama took office.

But in the years since, the economy under Obama never reached 3 percent growth, making him the first president in history to never achieve that goal.

Crudele notes that economic growth under Trump has already reached at least 3 percent twice — 3.1 percent in the 2nd quarter and 3.3. percent in the third. And thus far, fourth quarter growth is around 3.2 percent.

“Job growth has also been moderately good, although the hurricanes this fall are making it hard to determine just how good,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the stock market has been soaring to new heights, with addition records broken this week as Republicans moved closer to passing a tax reform measure, the first major effort in three decades.

However, Crudele warns, if the market is in a bubble that eventually bursts and other economic factors weaken, “the president is going to find a whole lot more people who won’t tolerate him.”

Otherwise, “if the economic numbers hold up, Trump-haters are going to have a hard time getting those who merely dislike him on their bandwagon.”

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