(National Sentinel) Special Corruption: Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett told “Hannity” host Sean Hannity on Wednesday that he believes special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion is “illegitimate and corrupt,” and that certain elements within the FBI are behaving more like the old Soviet-era secret police.

“The Mueller investigation is illegitimate and corrupt and Mueller has been using the FBI as a political weapon,” he said.

“The FBI has become America’s secret police. Secret surveillance, wiretapping, intimidation, harassment and threats. It’s like the old KGB that comes for you in the dark of the night banging through your door,” Jarrett continued.

The lawyer and legal analyst talked about how the FBI went after former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, knocking his door down during a heavily armed early morning raid why he and his wife were in bed.

“The FBI is a shadow government now. It has become highly politicized. Peter Strzok is the perfect example of it and he led both the Hillary Clinton investigation and until recently the Mueller investigation. This is a guy who has corrupt political motives,” said Jarrett.

He also mentioned Andrew Weissmann, an anti-Trump lawyer on Mueller’s team who praised former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ decision not to defend the president’s first travel ban.

Also, in recent days it’s been learned that Mueller’s former top FBI investigator, Peter Strzok, was dismissed over the summer after exchanging anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

In the past Garrett and other critics of Mueller have also noted that the special counsel has filled his staff with attorneys who would appear to be natural political opponents of the president, with many of them having financially supported Democratic congressional candidates or the Clintons.

J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel, also pointed out that the FBI was behaving more like the KGB in a Wednesday column for NewsTarget.

As evidenced by the level of corruption seen in the investigation and outing of former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn, “the FBI has been transformed into the kind of political secret police force that used to terrorize Soviet citizens: The KGB.

“In addition to the FBI, the Office of Special Counsel and the Justice Department have also been shown to be utterly corrupt,” he added.

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