(National Sentinel) Border Security: Testing of eight border wall prototypes ordered by the Trump administration has begun, with the designs aimed at thwarting breaches and scaling.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) spokesman Carlos Diaz, public affairs branch chief for the southwestern border, said testing began Nov. 27, though physical testing of the prototypes started on Monday, ABC News reported.

The eight prototypes, submitted by six companies, were completed Oct. 26 in the San Diego sector.

Four of them are made from concrete while the other four consist of various materials.

Building a border wall was one of President Donald J. Trump’s signature campaign pledges. In fact, “Build the Wall” began a regular refrain at all of his campaign rallies while stopping illegal immigration, in general, was also a top campaign promise.

Trump has promised to build a wall along the entire southwestern border, but administration officials have admitted that probably won’t happen. That’s because, in some places along the U.S.-Mexico border, natural barriers are likely to be enough to thwart illegal crossings.

Physical testing will include attempts to scale and breach prototypes, with officials using tools and items like jackhammers, saws and hydraulic apparatuses in an attempt to get through.

During the procurement process, potential builders were asked to construct walls that also extend at least six feet underground. Diaz said wall depth was evaluated during the construction process.

All eight prototypes were required to be 18-30 feet tall and designed to prevent scaling.

Democrats have pledged to block funding for the wall, and some Republicans including Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake have also opposed the wall.

Flake, however, is retiring from the Senate next year and McCain, who is battling cancer, may also soon be stepping aside.

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