(National Sentinel) Corruption: A Department of Justice Inspector General report examining at least 27 people who have have improperly leaked sensitive information to the media on Trump administration officials and the president is likely to cause a “major shake-up” at the FBI, according to Circa News correspondent Sara Carter.

In an appearance Tuesday evening on Fox News‘ “Hannity” program, Carter told host Sean Hannity that the report could be coming soon.

“We’re going to see parts of that report before December (end of the month). We’re going to see other parts of his report coming out after January,” she said.

“And they’re looking at Peter Strzok,” the FBI agent dismissed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team looking into possible collusion between the Trump campaign an Russia last year for expressing anti-Trump bias.

Strzok was also the lead investigator in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and the agent present during the questioning of former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn.

“They’re looking at Comey. They’re looking at 27 leakers,” Carter continued. “It would not surprise me if there was a shake-up at the FBI and a housecleaning.”

During the same interview segment, Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, said that Mueller is acting like he’s “king of the Justice Department.”

“He’s got an enormous budget,” Fitton said. “I guarantee you there’s no other investigation that this Justice Department is conducting that has the resources allocated to it that Mueller has.

“And it’s being used for what — to investigate mortgage fraud? A penny-ante perjury charge that was the result of an ambush interview by an enemy of the president and a supporter of Hillary Clinton?” Fitton added, referencing Flynn’s charge of lying to Strzok and reports Tuesday that Mueller had subpoenaed President Donald J. Trump’s bank records from Deutsch Bank, which the White House denied.

He recommended that Trump use his constitutional authority to fire Mueller, since the Justice Department won’t “rein him in.”

As for the pending IG report, Hannity said he was also hearing “rumors” that it was coming.

“I’m also hearing the same,” Carter added.

Watch, via Hannity:

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