(National Sentinel) Brinksmanship: Democrats are threatening to let the government shut down if Republicans do not provide amnesty for some 3 million illegal immigrants, but that is not a popular position with voters.

By a nearly 2:1 margin, voters reject the move, according to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports.

“Just 27% agree with Senate Minority Whip [Sen.] Dick Durbin’s call for a government shutdown to force a congressional decision on the Dreamers question separate from the border security issue,” said the polling firm. “Twice as many (55%) oppose a government shutdown for this reason. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided.”

The threat of a shutdown is only backed by 26 percent of blacks and 35 percent of Democrats, the survey said. Also, just 21 percent of so-called Moderates and 37 percent of people who earn more than $200,000 a year favor the tactic.

But the shutdown threat is opposed by 58 percent of blacks, 49 percent of Democrats, 42 percent of liberals, and 63 percent of people who earn from $30,000 to $63,000.

Republicans have been quick to call Democrats’ bluff.

A government shutdown to win an amnesty “is a ridiculous idea” McConnell told ABC’s Sunday show, “This Week” on Sunday.

“There is no crisis. The president has given us until March to address the issue of undocumented children who came into the country — a very legitimate case here — here through no choice of their own, and are in a kind of difficult spot. But there’s no emergency. The president has given us to March to address it,” he said.

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