(National Sentinel) Deep State: A former assistant director of the FBI said Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller has a “huge conflict of interest” in handling the investigation into the Trump administration’s alleged activities including obstruction of justice and Russian collusion.

“Bob Mueller should have never been offered nor accepted the job as special counsel as he has a huge conflict of interest,” said Jim Kallstrom in an interview with Breitbart News. “He should have recused himself.”

Kallstrom said that Mueller’s primary conflict is that part of his investigation is tied to fired FBI Director James Comey, who was let go by President Donald J. Trump reportedly for botching the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails.

It’s known in Washington circles that Mueller and Comey, once associates in the Justice Department, are also close or even best friends. Kallstrom said it is difficult to imagine how Mueller can maintain objectivity in that situation, especially when he has hired several lawyers who have contributed to or otherwise supported anti-Trump Democrats (including Clinton) in the past as part of his special counsel probe.

In addition, Kallstrom told Breitbart he sees potential legal problems for Mueller in terms of how investigators obtained some of their information and what constituted probable cause in order to get it.

“The Obama administration apparently, had the advantage of using electronic surveillance, collecting information on the Trump campaign,” Kallstrom said. “That collection, in my view, may be found to be unlawful.”

Should investigatory methods used by the Obama administration to put Trump’s campaign under surveillance prove to be dubious or even unlawful, Mueller would be put in the position of having to scrutinize a former close associate.

“If they used the phony dossier as the predicate for the FISA order they obtained, that could be a huge problem,” said Kallstrom. “If they knew the information was phony, that is a felony. If they did not know it was phony, they were incompetent.”

Congressional committees including the House and Senate intelligence committees are trying to determine if the FBI, under Comey, used the dossier to obtain a secret FISA court warrant for surveillance of Trump and his campaign officials.

Also, Republicans want to know if Comey’s FBI was paying or wanted to keep Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier, on the FBI’s payroll, perhaps to continue gathering potentially damaging information on the Trump campaign and transition team.

“This whole matter with the dossier and the investigations that ensued, including FISA surveillance and the unmasking of hundreds of names, in my view, will prove to be violations of the rules set down by the Congress for unmasking, or worse, will be found to be violations of federal law,” Kallstrom noted.

“The Justice Department should find out if the FBI paid for this phony dossier and should inspect the affidavit that was given to the FISA court to determine the accuracy of their probable cause.”

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