(National Sentinel) Scandal: Documents obtained by legal watchdog Judicial Watch indicate that James Comey’s FBI was more concerned that details of a controversial meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac in Arizona would leak than the appearance of impropriety.

The documents, the release of which the FBI stalled, appear to support allegations that the bureau wasn’t as concerned about the scandalous nature of the meeting as it was details about it would leak to the public.

“These new FBI documents show the FBI was more concerned about a whistleblower who told the truth about the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting than the scandalous meeting itself,” said Judicial Watch chief Tom Fitton.

“The documents show the FBI worked to make sure no more details of the meeting would be revealed to the American people. No wonder the FBI didn’t turn these documents over until Judicial Watch caught the agency red-handed hiding them,” he added.

“These new documents confirm the urgent need to reopen the Clinton email scandal and criminally investigate the resulting Obama FBI/DOJ sham investigation.”

At the time Bill Clinton met with Lynch, his wife and then-Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton, was under criminal investigation by the FBI for mishandling classified emails through an unauthorized, secret personal email server she had set up in her New York state home.

The legal watchdog organization said that the documents also indicate that Comey seemed to learn of the meeting from news reports.

The group also said the documents about a leak that Bill Clinton intentionally delayed his plane from taking off so he could “maneuver” into a meeting with Lynch.

“The resulting story in the Observer is seemingly confirmed and causes a flurry of emails about the source of the article,” Judicial Watch said in a press release. “FBI official(s) write ‘we need to find that guy’ and that the Phoenix FBI office was contacted ‘in an attempt to stem any further damage.'”

Another FBI official who was with Lynch’s security detail suggested the implementation of non-disclosure agreements.

“The names of the emails [sic] authors are redacted,” the release stated. “There are no documents showing concern about the meeting itself.”

Several Republican members of Congress have questioned the veracity of Lynch’s claim that she and the former president only made small talk regarding family and golf.

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