(National Sentinel) Anti-Trump Fixation: First lady Melania Trump official unveiled her White House Christmas decorations on Wednesday to a chorus of criticism from many in the Washington media.

Media outlets variously described the decor as “spooky,” “spine-chilling,” and “nightmarish” — like scenes from Mordor, Narnia, or The Shining, reports PJ Media.

Here is a video of the first lady’s efforts:

However, the decor drew responses from the media ranging from indignation to insulting, as PJ Media noted further:

What’s not to like? According to HuffPost, the “Spooky White House Christmas Chamber Is Creeping Everyone The Heck Out.” “One chamber in particular is getting attention online for all the wrong reasons. It’s a twig-lined hallway that’s being compared to everything from ‘The Shining’ to ‘The Blair Witch Project,'” HuffPo wrote.

The photo in question is poorly lit and apparently looks “creepy” to those with overactive imaginations.

An article from AV Club titled, “Melania Trump decks the halls with dead branches, spine-chilling wails of the damned,” was equally critical.

The holiday in question, in case you were checking your calendars, is Christmas, which in Melania Trump’s mind apparently conjures up the naked terror of running through a dark forest, alone, pursued by wraithlike shadows and the grasping claws of brittle, dead branches, the only sound the cackling of the ancient witch who will grant your wish to be rich and famous with a designer wardrobe and a gold-plated toilet… for a price,” the site noted.

Elle magazine was mocking in its coverage of the decor with this piece: “The Theme for the White House Christmas Decorations Is Fear!”

“This year, guests of the White House can have the perfect holiday experience of racing, screaming, through the halls of power before paying to leave. Nothing says Christmas like echoing cries of terror!” the writer noted.

On Twitter, however, other Americans praised the decorations as artful and very tastefully done. Many also enjoyed the Christian-themed Nativity Scene as well featuring Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.

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