(National Sentinel) Stocks: The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained some 5,500 points and 30 percent in value since Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 election, marking one of the greatest market rallies in the history of the country.

This year alone, the DJIA has grown by more than 4,000 points, adding trillions in wealth to millions of middle income investors.

A year ago on election night the Dow closed at 18,333; it closed Tuesday evening at 23,837. That’s the largest one-year gain in the 100-year history of the DJIA.

Also, since the election the Dow has surpassed 5 major milestones – 19,000, 20,000, 21,000, 22,000 and 23,000. This, too, is the first time this has happened in less than a year in U.S. history.

No president has seen all-time highs (now at 61) in the markets during their first year in office before Trump.

“President Trump set the record earlier this year for the most all time closing stock market highs during his first year in office. Currently the Dow has set 78 closing highs since last year’s election and 61 since President Trump’s inauguration. (As a comparison, President Obama had no stock market highs his entire first term.)” The Gateway Pundit reported.

The Standard & Poor’s (S&P) and NASDAQ markets have also climbed to record highs under Trump.

In all, the markets have gained more than $5 trillion in wealth since Trump won.

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