(National Sentinel) Sports Activism: Another former NFL star player is taking umbrage with kneeling, protesting players, saying that their actions are reflective of a larger problems with society and the league today.

Burgess Owens, a star safety for the New York Jets who won a Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders, said Saturday on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that players taking a knee during the National Anthem and unfurling of the American flag before games “need to do something different.”

He said by allowing players to continue the open disrespect, the league is sending the wrong message to the country and is the opposite of what it needs right now.

“Young men need to recognize how proud we should be of that flag,” he said, as reported by Grabien News. “Our institutions are under attack, God, family, country.”

He said the NFL ought to be leading that effort rather than retreating from the responsibility.

“The NFL needs to step up to the plate, recognize what’s going to work for this country. And pride in country, flag, and culture is the bottom line,” he noted, adding that the league became such a success by being a part of America’s traditions, not separate from them.

“It comes down to this was every business as they grow bigger become a point of humbling and look at what you are doing and still tune in with your base,” he said.

“They have to set parameters to make sure everyone who is on the field knows what they are supposed to do and last thing if they do not respect the ones our country stands for, one can all agree, most of us can agree, should never be demeaned,” he added.

As to what the NFL should do moving forward, the Super Bowl caliber former safety said it should realize “valuable it is to be patriotic, to have a vision what they wanted their brand to be and have the courage to stand up to the unions and let these kids, these young people, do your thing, get your money, make a difference but not during this particular time.

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He also disagreed with making players stay in the locker room during the anthem.

Rather, he said the league should not “have these young men hiding in the locker room, that is the last thing you need to have, stand on the cell lines with your hand over your heart or just stand and play the game and then make the difference.”

Owens has repeatedly criticized the protests since they began last season with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has been unable to land with a team since he left the San Francisco’s 49ers.

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