(National Sentinel) Media Hate: President Donald J. Trump conducted a video phone call with some U.S. troops on Thanksgiving, thanking them for their service and fighting for Americans’ freedom.

But a panel of journalists and pundits at MSNBC found a way to criticize the call and turn it into a discussion about the “culture war.”

“Everybody’s talking about the progress you’ve made in the last few months,” the president told U.S. Army troops in Afghanistan, whom he called “brave, incredible fighters.”

“We’re not fighting anymore to just walk around. We’re fighting to win.”

But, as reported by The Daily Caller, host Stephanie Ruhle began by crediting the president for giving the troops “a nice message, thanking them,” before turning to the panel to get their reactions.

Sighing, MSNBC analyst Robert Traynham was the first to respond.

“Two things. One, it’s nice for the president to do that. He’s the commander in chief. He should be thanking the men and women who serve and protect our freedoms,” he began,

Saying that he might be “reading too much into this,” Traynham then noted that Trump’s message “didn’t seem to be very authentic.”

“It seemed to be heavily scripted,” he said.

“I’m used to a president looking directly into the camera and thanking the men and women … for their service talking about them and not about ‘me,’ meaning the president,” added Traynham. “Talking about them and what they’re doing, not about, to use his words, a beautiful tax cut.”

Brendan Greely, a contributor to The Economist, agreed, then noted: “Nobody wages cultural wars effectively as Donald Trump.”

“It was amazing to watch him in his message to the troops doing it right then and there, talking about how the reason we’re different is that this administration is letting you do your job, they’re letting you fight,” Greely said.

One of the biggest complaints among U.S. military vets who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq during the Obama administration was that the White House was too micromanaging of the Pentagon.

“These are all cultural signals,” Greely contended.

“The other guys, they won’t fight. They won’t let you fight,” he said. “We let you fight. That’s what you do for us.”

Next up: Niall Stanage, a contributor for The Hill. While giving Trump some credit for calling the troops, he nevertheless criticized the president for the content of his phone call.

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“On one hand, yes, it’s an honorable thing to do,” Stanage said. “But this speech is kind of pockmarked by these political points and these partisan points.”

“The idea that previous presidents didn’t let the armed forces do their job. The idea … that you’re fighting for something real … the real thing appears to be a booming stock market? I mean, I’m perplexed.”

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