(National Sentinel) Alt-Left: A University of Illinois Ph.D. candidate was arrested last week after violently confronting a group of conservative students and damaging a cellphone belonging to one of them.

Tariq Khan, who has taught several courses at the university, faces criminal charges after being seen aggressively confronting a group of conservative students.

Khan was speaking at an anti-Trump event on campus when the group of conservative students showed up to protest the event, The Daily Illini student newspaper reported last week.

According to videos published by Campus Reform and The College Fix, Khan became unhinged when a student identified as Joel Valdez, an executive board member and campus activism coordinator for “Turning Point USA” heckled him.

On the video, Valdez can be heard yelling, “No one’s scared of you, 50-year-old man! Don’t you have kids to look after?”

At that, Khan charged the group and repeatedly accused Valdez of threatening to harm his children.

At one point the instructor appeared to assault one of the students and take his cellphone. He then began to walk away while the student group can be overheard saying they would call the police. Khan then threw the phone on the sidewalk and left.

University police reported that Khan forcibly took a student’s cellphone and threw it down, breaking it, The Daily Illini reported.

Khan maintained that he never assaulted anyone and that he would not stand for threats against his children, though it isn’t at all clear that’s what Valdez did.

“Khan immediately charged us, pushing us, throwing punches,” Valdez told the newspaper. “We then attempted to defuse the situation and remained calm, but Tariq was uncontrollable and unhinged. I’m certain that Khan knew there was no threat; he just wanted to look for a fight. I wasn’t interested.”

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Said Khan: “I did not confront them out of the blue. In fact, they showed up to the rally to intimidate and surveil leftist student organizers. One of their members … made a veiled threat against my children. It’s one thing to criticize my politics, it’s entirely another thing to threaten my children.”

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