(National Sentinel)  Shill for Hill: Former Secret Service agent and conservative talk host and columnist Dan Bongino made a thinly veiled threat to expose new details regarding former President Bill Clinton’s flights aboard convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet after leaving office.

Details about Clinton’s flights aboard the jet are well-documented, The Gateway Pundit reported, but in a back-and-forth on Twitter with Nick Merrill, the former communications director for Hillary Clinton, Bongino hinted that some details have yet to see the light of day.

The spat began after Bongino made an appearance on Fox News, where he called Hillary the most “manipulative political person in a position of power [he had] ever met in my entire life.”

“I found [her] to be the most deceptive human being, manipulative political person in a position of power I’d ever met in my entire life,” he said.

In a tweet, Merrill responded, “I’ve worked for Hillary Clinton for a decade and 2 things are true. 1) She has enormous respect for the Secret Service & a great relationship with the agents on her detail. 2) This guy was never on the Clintons’ detail, & I don’t recognize him in the slightest.”

Bongino shot back, “This guy is a fraud. She treated the Secret Service terribly.So badly that a female agent threatened to quit rather than stay in the Scooby van another minute with her (Unlike this loser, I have names & dates).In addition, I have mounds of official documents backing up my work.”

Bongino then dropped this tweet: “Be careful Nick, people know things not yet released publicly about your messiah Hillary. Don’t poke the bear loser, you may not like the results. #Epstein #EmailGate.”

FO-300x250-1In reference to Epstein’s “Lolita Express,” the former Secret Service agented then following up with, “Dear Nick, are you guys sure you know everyone on the Epstein planes?”

He then switched gears and made a reference to Hillary’s email scandal, tweeting, “Dear Nick, are you sure you destroyed ALL of the Blackberries. Was there govt property in the bunch? #PeopleKnow”

Then he also provided direct evidence he took part in security details involving Hillary Clinton.

“This pic is from NY Newsday’s inside cover taken at the US Open in 2001. It’s one of literally hundreds of operations I conducted with Hillary documented throughly [sic] by official US govt paperwork of which I still have copies. You’re welcome to stop by & review the paperwork.Thanks,” concluded Bongino, in reference to Merill’s second point.

It doesn’t appear as though Merrill responded.

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