(National Sentinel) Political Obscurity: A columnist writing for FoxNews.com believes that old scandals along with a new round of sexual assault allegations against former President Bill Clinton will finally put an end to Hillary Clinton’s political career and “Clinton Inc.” in general.

“Imagine: even the New York Times’ Ross Douthat now thinks that Bill Clinton should have stepped down over the Monica Lewinsky affair,” writes Liz Peek. “Douthat’s mea culpa op-ed in this past weekend’s paper, in which he confesses that he and others may have been wrong to dismiss Bill Clinton’s indefensible behavior, will serve as the official political obituary for Clinton, Inc.”

She notes further that Hillary “is done, finished, kaput” thanks to scandals “old and new,” and because she is “out of step” with modern Democratic politics.

“[H]er excess baggage has morphed into an entire baggage train, dragging her towards political oblivion.”

As a host of sexual assault scandals erupt among Democratic politicians, their supporters in the entertainment industry, and long-time Left-leaning media figures like CBS News‘ and PBS‘ Charlie Rose, several Democratic pundits are now openly questioning their support of both Clintons — Bill over his own history of sexual misconduct, and Hillary for seeking to downplay it or even harm the reputations of her husband’s accusers.

“While it is refreshing to consider the landscape unadorned by Clintons, Republicans will miss her. Only Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have contributed as generously to GOP fund-raising efforts in recent years, or so energized voters,” Peek wrote.

“Mrs. Clinton is finally being held to account, at least in the court of public opinion, where it may matter most. As charges of sexual aggression swirl around prominent figures on the left and right, Bill Clinton’s gross and possibly criminal behavior is getting a second look,” she continued.

Peek said it was about time that the behavior of both Clintons not only got a fresh look, but that they were held to account for it.

In addition to sexual allegations, Peek also notes there are increasing calls for a special counsel to look into charges that Hillary, as secretary of state, “sold out the country by green-lighting the sale of Uranium One to a Russian state-linked entity, in return for cash donated to the Clinton Foundation and to Bill directly.”

Earlier reports noted that roughly $145 million flowed to the Clinton foundation, mostly from parties interested in the approval of the uranium deal, as it progressed beginning in 2009.

In addition, Bill Clinton was paid a half-million dollars by a Kremlin-tied bank to give a speech in Moscow during the dealmaking progress.

And the FBI, under then-Director Robert Mueller — who is now investigating alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia — was aware of corruption and bribery tied to the deal, but may have moved to silence an FBI undercover operative who attempted to inform Congress of the allegations.

“Mrs. Clinton is in a precarious position here; as she becomes more assertive in blaming her election loss on Moscow’s intervention, she has called for ever-widening scrutiny of all things Russian,” writes Peek.

“This is a risky gambit for Mrs. Clinton; comparisons between actual payments made to Clinton, Inc. and smoky speculation about ‘collusion’ between the Trump campaign and Russia do not favor the former First Lady.”

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Peek also noted that Hillary Clinton was drawing more attention to the fact that her campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid a foreign entity for the infamous “Trump dossier,” in possible violation of campaign finance laws.

Peek notes that Democrats’ abandonment of the Clintons is about “politics.”

“Democrats have moved far to the left of Bill and Hillary. Worse for the Clintons, they are moving on,” she wrote.

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