(National Sentinel) Alt-Left: Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Tuesday attempted to use an article from the Left-wing magazine Mother Jones along with an offer to end ongoing investigations into President Donald J. Trump in an unsuccessful attempt to trap Attorney General Jeff Sessions during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

At one point during the hearing, Gutierrez attempted to use the article which claimed that Sessions has lied to Congress on three occasions when he asserted that he never had communications with Russian officials.

“Did you have campaign communications with the Russians?” Gutierrez asked. “Because it appears you had had campaign communications with the Russians.”

Sessions responded that the context of the congressman’s question was wrong.

“My focus was on responding to the concern that I, as a surrogate, was participating in a continuing series of meetings with intermediaries for the Russian government,” Sessions said. “I certainly didn’t mean I had never met a Russian in the history of my life.”

“My response was, according to the way I heard the question, as honestly I could give it at the time. I hope you’ll treat me fairly when you evaluate that,” he added.

The Illinois lawmaker had come prepared for theatrics, however, bringing a salt shaker with him to the hearing to imply that Sessions’ remarks could be taken only with a grain of salt.

That led Sessions to fire back at the committee, mostly targeting Democrats like Gutierrez who were making insinuations that he wasn’t being honest.

“I have been asked to remember details from a year ago, such as who I saw on what day, in what meeting, and who said what to when. In all of my testimony, I can only do my best to answer all of your questions as I understand them and to the best of my memory,” Sessions said, as reported by CBS News.

“But I will not accept and reject accusations that I have ever lied. That is a lie,” he said emphatically. “As I said before, my story has never changed. I have always told the truth, and I have answered every question to the best of my recollection as I will continue to do today,” he added.

Earlier, Gutierrez proposed a way to end the investigation into alleged Russian collusion, as well as any possible investigation into Hillary Clinton.

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“My solution would save the American taxpayers a lot of grief and a lot of money by eliminating the need for the investigations. I propose we simply go to the president and the former secretary of state and ask them both to resign. I’ll go to Hillary Clinton, you can go to Donald Trump and we’ll say to them both to resign,” he said.

“Then we can move on as a nation and from an election that just never seems to end.”

Sessions responded simply that he will continue to do his job as attorney general.

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