Warning: Graphic image

(National Sentinel) Military: The U.S. Navy is owning up to the fact that one of its fighter jet crews in Washington state ‘drew’ a giant penis in skies over Okanogan County with the plane’s exhaust contrails.

“The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable,” officials at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island said of the obscene drawing in a statement to local TV affiliate KREM-2.

A mother who lives in Okanogan took pictures of the sky drawing, which some believe resembled male genitalia, and sent them to the station.

She claimed she was upset by the depiction because she might have to explain to her young children what the picture was supposed to represent.

The local TV affiliate said it discussed the drawing with the Federal Aviation Administration.

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FAA officials told the station that unless the flying act undertaken to ‘draw’ the picture was unsafe, there wasn’t anything they could do.

An official told the station the agency “cannot police morality.”

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