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Mall manager: No recollection of banning Roy Moore; questions about yearbook signing raised, too

(National SentinelPolitical Intrigue: The stories surrounding allegations that GOP Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed and assaulted teenage girls when he was a young adult are taking strange twists.

The latest involves a claim by one woman who says she got Moore banned from the Gadsden, Ala., mall decades ago — a claim that the then-manager of the mall now says he does not recall.

Becky Gray told ABC News earlier this week that she was 22-years-old and working at the Pizitz department store in the mall in 1977 when Moore asked her out multiple occasions.

She told the network that she always turned Moore down, saying that she was already in a relationship.

“I mean, you’ve got to understand — when you’re that age, somebody in their 30s might as well have been 40 or 50 — to me anyway,” she said.

Moore had just turned 30 in 1977.

“I went to my manager and talked to him about it and asked him, basically, what could be done,” Gray said. “Later on, he…came back through my department and told me that [Moore] had been banned from the mall.”

Gray, who identifies politically as a Democrat, also told The Washington Post that her manager informed her it was “not the first time he had a complaint about [Moore] hanging out at the mall.”

Earlier this week, The New Yorker ran a story citing sources who had heard Moore had been banned from the mall.

But Birmingham, Ala., Fox News affiliate WBRC decided to dig deeper into the reporting from national media and discovered that the claims of a mall ban could not be confirmed.

The affiliate talked to Barnes Boyle, who managed the Gadsen Mall from 1981 to 1996. Boyle told WBRC he had no knowledge of such a ban.

“We did have written reports and things. But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall,” said Boyle, who said he is a Moore supporter,.

At a press conference in Birmingham on Thursday, Moore continued to claim that the allegations against him were false.

The Washington Post is not evidence,” he said.

In another twist to the ongoing Moore story, his attorneys on Wednesday questioned an inscription in a yearbook that was allegedly written by Moore.

The inscription was publicized by another accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, which she used as evidence that she and Moore knew each other in the 1970s.

Moore’s attorneys noted some inconsistencies, including the lettering within the inscription — before calling Nelson’s attorney, Gloria Allred, to hand it over for further examination.

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“We demand that you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian so that our expert and you can send you expert as well, so that our expert can look at it, not a copy on the internet,” the campaign attorney, Phillip L. Jauregui, said.

“The actual document so we can see the lettering. We can see the ink on the page. We can see the indentations and we can see how old is that ink. Is it 40 years old or is it a week old?”

As reported by Breitbart News, Allred has admitted that she has not asked her client if she saw Moore actually sign the yearbook. Also, she indicated that her client didn’t actually see Moore sign it, either, but merely assumed that he did.

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2 Comments on Mall manager: No recollection of banning Roy Moore; questions about yearbook signing raised, too

  1. Agnes Bedard // November 17, 2021 at 8:41 am // Reply

    Reblogged this on The Upper Darby Sentinel News and commented:
    Former manager of mall denies that Roy Moore had been banned during the 1980’s

  2. Charles L Hume // November 17, 2021 at 7:31 pm // Reply

    It seems to me the people should be the ones who decide who goes to lthe Senate and not the Democrats/Republicns or the communist press. The sleazy back grounds of Democrats or Rino Republicans are never questioned.

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