(National Sentinel) Climate Hoax: A team of researchers have just published a study in the journal Nature Communications indicating that efforts to artificially cool Earth in response to alleged global warming would be disastrous for all life on the planet.

The study, titled, “Impacts of hemispheric solar geoengineering on tropical cyclone frequency,” by climate experts at the University of Exeter in England found that attempting to gerrymander temperatures could be catastrophic.

“Our results reemphasise concerns regarding regional geoengineering and should motivate policymakers to regulate large-scale unilateral geoengineering deployments,” the study noted.

Researchers used advanced climate models to simulate the effects of a number of proposed climate intervention methods, including intentionally injecting aerosols into the atmosphere in an effort to lessen the sun’s ability to influence devastating storms.

The results weren’t good, BRG.com reports:

Injecting material into the atmosphere artificially is intended to mimic the effects of volcanic eruptions, which do the same thing naturally. The particles act like a barrier to the sun’s warming rays, blocking them from reaching the surface and resulting in a cooling effect on a short-term basis. This type of geoengineering is still a half-baked idea, and has only been proposed as an absolute last-ditch effort to curb some of the more devastating effects of global warming.

The scientists simulated what would happen if the aerosol injection technique was used in the northern hemisphere, which has been casually proposed as a potential method of reducing the severity of tropical storms. The climate models reveal that the large-scale action would indeed calm things down a bit and potentially reduce the number of North Atlantic cyclones, but it would also have dire effects on other parts of the Earth.

While there may be a reduction in tropical storms in one region, there would be a spike in drought conditions in several regions of Africa, the data show.

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“If you have even a casual [interest] in weather or nature in general,” BGR.com notes, “that won’t be much of a surprise, as nature has taught us that messing with one thing inevitably leads to unexpected changes elsewhere.”

As such, researchers now seek strict regulations on any geoengineering as some sort of “solution” to an ever-changing climate.

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