(National Sentinel) Political: Top conservative talker Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday weighed into the current scandal surrounding U.S. Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, saying he believes that the Republican establishment’s quick abandonment of the Alabama contender is driven by its leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

As reported by Breitbart News, Limbaugh also said that the GOP establishment was attempting to send a message to former Trump top political strategist Steve Bannon, who now leads the news site and who has been threatening to back primary challengers to Beltway Republicans.

“Whether Judge Moore did the deed or deeds or not, what’s really happening here folks, if you really want to know – it’s a multi-faceted search-and-destroy mission here,” Limbaugh said.

“But what’s really driving this – do not doubt me about this. But what’s really driving this is Mitch McConnell saying to Steve Bannon, ‘Really? You think you’re going to get your guys elected? You think you are going to get your guys elected and me kicked out of here? Really? Seriously? OK, watch this.’”

McConnell backed Sen. Luther Strange, whom Moore defeated in a September primary. Strange was appointed to the seat when it was vacated by Jeff Sessions after he became President Donald J. Trump’s attorney general.

“Don’t forget, Judge Moore is – Trump did not endorse him, but Steve Bannon, I don’t know – endorsed, chose, go behind, supports, what have you,” Limbaugh continued.

“And Bannon has been very upfront about the objective he has, and that’s to get Mitch McConnell out of the Senate. And so I don’t think – even if all we had was one allegation against Judge Moore, this was going to be it for Judge Moore,” he said.

“It didn’t matter because this is now being used to send a message to Bannon and his group that you just – you think you’re going to get rid of me, well take a look at what’s going to happen every time you try. So that clearly is a factor here.”

Moore has denied allegations that he had inappropriate sexual contact with a teenaged girl some 40 years ago when she was 14 and he was in his early 30s.

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Five separate women have come forward to level charges of a sexual nature against him. He has denied the charges and even said he planned to sue the Washington Post, which first reported the claims.

McConnell and several other Republicans have called on Moore to drop out of the race. There has even been some discussion of having Sessions run again for his old seat, or to be appointed by Alabama’s governor, in order to salvage it for the GOP.

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