(National Sentinel) Presidential: President Donald J. Trump’s approval rating has climbed to 46 percent in one daily presidential tracking poll as Americans experience gains in the stock market and majority Republicans get closer to major tax reform.

The daily poll, from Rasmussen Reports, also found that 30 percent of likely voters “strongly approve” of Trump’s job performance, while 44 percent “strongly disapproved.

“The government jobs report for October showed the hurricane-hit U.S. economy rebounding strongly, with the unemployment rate down now to 4.1%, the lowest level since 2000,” said the polling firm in its report.

Despite that, however, voters are pretty evenly divided over whether Trump should get the credit for what is clearly an economic turnaround from the Obama administration.

The former president did not experience a single quarter of 3 percent growth for his entire two terms.

In a tweet this morning, Trump said that Congress’ efforts to dramatically reform taxes for the first time in decades was “getting close.”

“I am proud of the Rep. House & Senate for working so hard on cutting taxes {& reform.} We’re getting close! Now, how about ending the unfair & highly unpopular Indiv Mandate in OCare & reducing taxes even further? Cut top rate to 35% w/all of the rest going to middle income cuts?” he tweeted.

Trump was referring to Obamacare’s individual mandate and cutting the top income tax rate to 35 percent.

Earlier, Trump teased that major trade deals were also coming as he wraps up his first Asian tour in which he met with leaders of China, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

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“We’ve made some very big steps with respect to trade, far bigger than anything you know, in addition to about $300 billion in sales to various companies, including China,” Trump said in Manila, Philippines Monday.

“We have deficits with almost everybody. Those deficits are going to be cut very quickly and very substantially.”

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