(National Sentinel) Climate Hoax: A noted Israel astrophysicist has once more rejected the Leftist construct that a warming earth is due to human-caused activities like industrialization.

“Evidence for warming is not evidence for warming by humans,” said Dr. Nir Shaviv, who refutes the conclusions of the UN IPCC panel about global warming climate change at a conference in Germany last week.

“I was quite shocked to see how the audience was so one sided (though far less than the ridiculous 97:3 ratio we hear about!) and unwilling to listen to scientific arguments,” Shaviv said regarding other conference participants who continue to push the human-caused global warming narrative sans real evidence it is true.

“Anyone who appeals to authority or to a majority [97% claims] to substantiate his or her claim is proving nothing,” he said, referencing a popular claim by progressives that 97 percent of climate scientists believe the narrative.

Author and commentator Mark Stein debunked the ’97 percent’ claims his 2015 book, “A Disgrace to the Profession,” noting that the figure is based on a very small sampling of biased scientists. “It means 75 out of 77 more or less hand-picked scientists,” he said.

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As for Shaviv, he noted further that, “There is no single piece of evidence that proves that a given amount of CO2 increase should cause a large increase in temperature.”

“The simple truth is that in the height of the middle ages it was probably just as warm as the latter half of the 20th century,” he said, refuting claims that temperatures today are hotter than they’ve ever been, on average.

“Let us use our limited resources to treat real problems,” he said.

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