(National Sentinel) Blackout: The legacy media has gone out of its way to embarrass President Donald J. Trump during his first trip to Asia, even purposefully misreporting incidents as diplomatic faux pas.

In addition to misreporting, the mainstream media is also ignoring certain events and occurrences in an effort to portray Trump’s visit in a certain, negative light, and talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh pointed out one such incident Thursday.

The host uploaded a picture to his show’s Facebook page of Trump and first lady Melania Trump after they climbed down the steps from Air Force One.

The picture shows the president and his wife being greeted by a number of children who are waving Chinese and American flags.

Limbaugh surmises that the legacy media isn’t showing the photo because it demonstrates that Trump and the first lady visibly happy to have gotten such a warm welcome in China.

“There’s not a single network that televised all of the Chinese children waving American flags to welcome President Trump,” Limbaugh wrote.

The conservative talk giant even jabbed pro football, saying that there were more Chinese kids waving U.S. flags that NFL players.

“They’re happy to see President Trump. There are more ChiCom children waving the American flag than NFL players waving the American flag,” he added.

“Chicom” is Limbaugh’s nickname for “Chinese communists.”

Limbaugh suggested that the legacy media simply did not want to give the appearance of Trump receiving such a warm greeting.

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