(National Sentinel) Election 2018: The head of the Republican National Committee has some advice for GOP members of Congress running for reelection next year they should take if they want to win: Embrace President Donald J. Trump and his agenda.

Ronna McDaniel was reflecting on the loss of GOP Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillispie, who did embrace some of Trump’s agenda but steered clear of embracing Trump.

In addition, McDaniel appeared to suggest that Gillispie’s opponent, Governor-elect Ralph Northam, did embrace the president more so than his Republican challenger.

“I think what’s very interesting with the Virginia race is that Ralph Northam started running ads saying, ‘I’m gonna work with this president,’” she told Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

“He moderated positions on sanctuary cities and statues — and we started to see him gain traction in rural Virginia,” she added. “So, he actually moved the needle by saying, ‘I’m gonna work with this president.’”

McDaniel did say that while she thought Gillispie embraced some of Trump’s agenda, he stopped short of fully embracing the president himself.

“He had robocalls in, and he had tweets, but yeah, I will always say to any candidate in our party, the greatest enthusiasm in our party right now is for President Trump,” she noted.

“We’re seeing it through the fundraising numbers, we’re seeing it across the country,” she added. “I see it as party chair, I absolutely think any candidate should be embracing the president … and I think Ed did.”

Not all conservatives agreed with McDaniel’s assessment of Gillispie.

Speaking on Breitbart News Daily program, the website’s executive editor and former top advisor to the president, Steve Bannon, was more direct.

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“The lesson you can learn (from Ed Gillespie’s loss) is that if you’re going to win, you have to embrace the entire Trump agenda,” he said.

“You have to do it early, and you have to be dedicated to it,” he continued. “You can’t phone it in. You’ve got to do rallies, you’ve got to have the president out with you, you have to go all in with this.”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham agreed with Bannon.

“Trying to be half in, half out with Donald Trump was never going to work,” she said Tuesday evening on her program. “If you dip your toe just in a little bit, you’re going to turn out like Ed Gillespie did, political roadkill.”

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