(National Sentinel) Defend & Serve: A six-year-old boy from Kansas City, Kansas, opened a lemonade stand for police officers recently, and more than 100 of them showed up.

Oliver Davis says he wants to be a police officer when he grows up, which is why he opened his stand — to show his support for cops.

When he did, however, little did he know that more than 100 officers from two states would show up. Luckily, however, Oliver had more enough refreshments and more than 100 donuts.

“We want to remind police officers that people still care,” Oliver said in a video his mother posted online.

6-year-old’s lemonade stand for cops has a heartwarming turnout

This 6-year-old held a lemonade stand for police, and around 100 officers showed up! (via In The Know)

Posted by Yahoo News on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Yahoo News produced a video profile on the young man, describing what he likes to do in his spare time.

He likes to patrol the local streets with his dog, wearing a uniform, honorary badge and toy police bike he was given by local officers.

Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez believes that young Oliver has a a great deal of potential to join the force.

“We want to hire people who have a lot of passion for the job,” Donchez told KMBC.

The young man’s mother said her son wants to become an officer because he likes to do nice things for people.

“I want to be nice to police officers,” Oliver told KMBC news. “They’re my superheroes.”

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