(National Sentinel) Identity Politics: Black women, long one of the Democrats’ most reliable demographics, are increasingly leaving the party, according to recent surveys.

As reported by Newsmax, the 3rd annual Power of the Sister Vote conducted by Essence and The Black Women’s Roundtable found an 11-percent drop in black female voters (from 85 to 74 percent over one year), who believe the Democratic party best represents their interests.

In addition, more than one-in-five black women say that neither major political party represents their interests.

There are additional indicators that Democrats are losing support among blacks.

Earlier this year, a survey by the Congressional Black Caucus found that nearly two-thirds of blacks, or 63 percent, said the Democratic Party takes them for granted.

“That sentiment is strongest among black women ages 50-plus, who have watched decades of black communities and important issues go ignored,” Newsmax reported.

In May, more than two dozen black female activists and elected leaders wrote a letter to Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez stating that the party ignores black issues and voters at its peril.

“The Democratic Party has a real problem…The Party’s foundation has a growing crack and if it is not addressed quickly, the Party will fall even further behind and ultimately fail in its quest to strengthen its political prospects,” they said.

What’s more, black women are fully engaged in politics. The Sister Vote survey found that 98 percent of them are registered to vote, and 61 percent said they are active in their communities.

In 2008 and 2012, black women voted in higher percentages than any other demographic.

While blacks — males and females – still mostly support the Democratic Party, as more of them leave it represents an opportunity for conservatives and independents to win their support by addressing their issues and concerns, Newsmax reported.

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