(National Sentinel) Racism: Signs declaring that “It’s Okay to be White” adorning walls in universities around the country have sparked widespread backlash and anger, The College Fix reports.

The site reported that some of the signs have also been spotted on college campuses in Canada as well.

The signs were launched via a coordinated 4chan campaign. Users spelled out their “game plan” on the anonymous Internet forum board instructing people to post the signs on campuses to prompt the media to go “completely berserk.”

The ultimate goal was to show what 4chan users called “normies” that “leftists & journalists hate white people,” in turn prompting these middle-of-the-road folks to turn on them in a “massive victory for the right in the culture war.”

In fact, the signs have already done what they were designed to do — gain widening coverage and spark outrage.

But others have begun questioning why saying “it’s okay to be white” should automatically be considered racist.

Colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, Tulane, Western Washington, Auburn, the University of Kansas and Concordia College have had the posters appear on campus. The University of Alberta and the University of Toronto also saw the signs, as did a high school in Maryland. Typically, the signs are removed quickly by university staff when they are found.

Though the signs were meant to troll Left-leaning students, many of them took the bait.

Here’s just one example: “I am deeply disgusted that this organized online campaign to divide university communities across the country has come to our campus. It is shameful that anyone would use these posters to promote a racist agenda,” University of Kansas’ student body president, Mady Womack, told the Kansan.

Here’s another: “The university is aware of several incidents of racism that have occurred on north campus in recent days… Messaging or displays that target or marginalize any individuals or groups will not be tolerated. We are working with University of Alberta Protective Services to find the parties responsible,” President David Turpin said in a statement.

The flyers have been widely denounced as “racist” and “intolerant.”

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