(National Sentinel) Judicial Branch: Democrats in the Senate have been doing all they can to slow down President Donald J. Trump’s nominees to the federal bench, and they are continuing to do so even as vacancies pile up.

In fact, the Washington Times reports, Democrats can currently draw out debate on nominations for as long as eight weeks.

The Senate spent the entire week this week debating several of Trump’s nominees, confirming just five of them:

At that rate, it would take nearly eight weeks of working every day and doing nothing else — no tax overhaul, no year-end spending bills, no debt increase, no Children’s Health Insurance Program extension — to confirm the 47 other judicial nominees the president has pending.

If the president were put forth the 100 nominations for the remaining federal court vacancies, it would take four months to get all of them approved, again with the Senate doing nothing else.

Republicans hold a majority in the Senate so it isn’t as if Democrats can do anything to stop Trump’s nominees. However, the length of time it is taking to get them confirmed is frustrating to the GOP.

“Democrats have shown that, in most cases, it is far too much time, because even though we have to spend all of the time, they use very little of [that time] talking about the nominees,” said Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming.

He has proposed a measure limiting debate on lower court nominees to just two hours, though appeals court nominees would still be subject to the full 30 hours. Republicans agreed to just such a proposal in 2013 when they were in the Senate minority.

Now, however, Democrats are saying they won’t make the same agreement with Republicans, the Times noted.

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