Trump vindication on leaving Paris climate accords: UN says they were a waste of space

(National SentinelClimate Hoax: The United Nations just confirmed what President Donald J. Trump, his administration and ‘climate change’ skeptics knew: That the Paris Climate Accords he chose to abandon were a farce, Breitbart News‘ James Delingpole reports.

“As UN Environment admits in its latest Emissions Shortfall report, even when you add up all the CO2 reduction pledges made by all the signatory nations at Paris, it still comes to only a third of what is supposedly necessary to stop the world warming by more than 2 degrees C by the end of this century,” he wrote.

That said, UN Environment’s head Eric Solheim is still claiming that the world is headed for disaster:

One year after the Paris Agreement entered into force, we still find ourselves in a situation where we are not doing nearly enough to save hundreds of millions of people from a miserable future. Governments, the private sector and civil society must bridge this catastrophic climate gap.

Still, Delingpole notes, a different way of looking at it is that Trump has been completely vindicated by pulling out of the accords.

“Had the Agreement been ratified, the U.S. would have handed countries like China and India a huge competitive advantage over the American economy. But – as even the UN now admits – it would have made no discernible difference to the alleged problem of ‘global warming.’ So what, exactly would have been the point?”

What are your thoughts?

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Thank you President Trump!


The UN represents the King of Spain and the Vatican who together control DistrDistrict of Columbia and City of London. Basically


Virgina became a royal colony again in 1960 Virgin Maryland being the ruling class.

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