(National Sentinel) Ratings Crash: There are a number of reasons why cable TV is losing subscribers, including the rise of streaming TV.

But politics is another reason, and it’s having a major negative effect on one-time sports cable king ESPN.

The network’s hosts have adopted far-Left political views which have been exacerbated since President Donald J. Trump won office a year ago, and many analysts are blaming that in large part for the network hemorrhaging 15,000 viewers a day last month, or about 480,000 in total.

As reported by Breitbart News:

Of course, ESPN isn’t the only cable sports giant to lose massively among subscribers. FS1 584,000 households in the month of October. Though, it is noteworthy, that FS1’s ESPN-esque decline has coincided with their efforts to repeat the mistakes of ESPN. In October, FS1 brought the Reverend Jesse Jackson on Undisputed, the network’s flagship debate show, featuring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.

Not surprisingly, Jackson bashed President Trump and used slave references to describe the how players are treated in the NFL. This move, straight out of the ESPN playbook, seemed really odd considering that FS1 has branded themselves as being everything that ESPN is not. However, considering that incident, in addition to the daily drum beat of liberal insanity coming from Shannon Sharpe; and one gets a pretty clear picture of why the network which branded itself as the alternative to ESPN, has suddenly become just like ESPN.

Cable companies are already losing subscribers as more Americans — especially Millennials — make other viewing choices due to changes in technology and streaming. But to compound the issue by picking a side, politically, in an age where just about everything, including our sports, are hyper-politicized, doesn’t make much sense economically.

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