(National Sentinel) Economy: The Age of President Donald J. Trump is ushering in an economic renaissance of sorts, with several indicators showing positive growth and an upward trajectory.

For one, consumer confidence is at its highest level in 17 years, rising to 125.9 in October, according to the Conference Board. It hasn’t been that high since 2000, CNBC reported.

The surge in confidence comes at a time when U.S. share prices have hit record highs.

Meanwhile, in a separate report, CNBC noted that home prices rose to all-new highs in August. Prices recorded a 6.1 percent annual gain on the S&P’s most broad indicator. This was better than the 5.8 percent increase expected by economists polled by Reuters.

“Home price increases appear to be unstoppable,” S&P Dow Jones indexes managing director David Blitzer said, before adding that national “home prices have reached new all-time highs.”

Finally, The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. economy overall is once again beating forecasts:

As The Wall Street Journal’s Morning MoneyBeat newsletter noted Tuesday, a number of better-than-expected readings on the economy–from third-quarter gross-domestic product to manufacturing activity–helped pull the index out of negative territory in October for the first time since spring.

While Democrats and liberal-leaning commentators are loathe to give President Donald J. Trump any credit, supporters of the president note that if the economy was tanking he would most certainly get the blame.

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