MLB player who knelt during anthem has been arrested for aggravated assault

(National SentinelCriminal Minds: Oakland A’s rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell, who became the first Major League Baseball player to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem, has been arrested for aggravated assault.

Bruce Maxwell was arrested and charged on Saturday, TMZ Sports reported. The site added that Maxwell, 26, allegedly pulled a handgun on a woman at his Scottsdale, Ariz., home, according to local police

SPD says Maxwell was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

Earlier this week, Maxwell told TMZ that he had been denied service at a restaurant and bar in Alabama in what he described as a racist incident. But the manager of the restaurant and the server who waited on Maxwell and his party said those claims were false.

“He is outright lying. This is really upsetting as he was given full service, I didn’t even know who Bruce Maxwell was,” Matt Henry, a 42-year-old waiter at Keegan’s Public House, told Fox News. “This all started because I carded his friend who wanted to order a beer.”

Henry, who is an Alabama native, said that Maxwell was sitting with a local Democratic councilman, Devyn Keith, and another friend who showed him an ID that was expired. At that point, Henry refused to serve him a drink, which summarily upset the friend who then followed Maxwell to the kitchen.

“He asked me, don’t you know who Bruce Maxwell is, and told me I was making everyone feel uncomfortable. Nobody was even paying attention to them,” Henry said.

“I didn’t know anything about him or the kneeling. All I know is a friend of mine 15 years ago lost his job for serving someone a drink who happened to be underage, so if anyone looks under 30, I’m going to card them,” he continued.

The manager on duty that day, Anne Whalen, told Fox News that Maxwell’s story as it has been portrayed in the media is just false.

“Matt came to me and told me that a guy wanted a beer but his ID was not valid and told him he absolutely could not give it to him, we can go to jail for that in the state of Alabama,” she said.

“It was his friend causing all the fuss, none of us even knew who this baseball player was. I told him I had no idea who he was going on about,” Whalen said. “Eventually Matt just asked if we could put another server on the table so I did. … I can’t believe the story.”

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