(National Sentinel) Conspiracy: Congress — which is charged with overseeing and funding federal agencies — will finally get documents from the FBI it has been requesting for months pertaining to the infamous “Trump dossier.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said the bureau will be turning the documents over to the House Intelligence Committee sometime next week.

“The FBI got in touch with us yesterday afternoon. They have informed us that they will comply with our document requests and they will provide the documents that Congress has been asking for by next week,” Ryan told reporters on Capitol Hill.

He added that Congress expected “the FBI to honor that commitment.”

The dossier, which was produced by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, funded by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, and assembled by former British spy Christopher Steele, has been a major contentious point between Democrats who say the salacious information contained in it is real and Republicans who say it isn’t. Thus far the GOP has been right, as little in the dossier is verifiable even after more than a year.

The Washington Post revealed Tuesday that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Convention had financed the research, though Clinton’s campaign and the former Democratic presidential nominee herself had previously denied any involvement.

More concerns were raised after Obama-era officials said the FBI relied on the dossier as their basis to conduct a national security investigation into Team Trump and their alleged improper ties to Russia.

Reportedly the FBI used the dossier to petition for and receive a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to put former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page under surveillance.

Also, as President Donald Trump has correctly alleged in the past, his offices at Trump Tower in New York City were also under surveillance. Longtime Trump friend Chris Ruddy, founder of Newsmax Media, said in March that eventually Trump would be “proven right” over claims that the Obama administration spied on him and his campaign.FO-banner-350x350

If reports that the FBI and perhaps even the CIA relied on the bogus dossier to obtain the FISA warrants, that will serious questions about the politicization by the Obama administration of those agencies.

The Post’s report also detailed how the FBI continued to pay Steele after Trump was elected. However, they stopped paying him when his identity became public knowledge.

Sources close to Clinton said she was unaware of the dossier’s existence or creation. However, she was reportedly upset the documents were not shared with the public until the final days of the presidential election, according to The Hill.

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