(National Sentinel) Presidential Authority: The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed legal challenges to President Donald J. Trump’s refugee and migrant bans, ruling that the expiration of a 120-day ban on refugee resettlement ended the controversy, The Daily Caller reported.

The high court’s dismissal ends challenges to the president’s order which was replaced in September by a new round of travel sanctions aimed at eight countries. Litigation against that order is separate and ongoing, however.

Justices dismissed the first travel ban case on Oct. 10, which began in Maryland and involved the order’s 90-day ban on migrants coming fro six countries rife with terrorism. Justices said the expiration of the ban effectively made the case moot.

The second case began in Hawaii and involved challenges both to the ban on migrant entry into the U.S. and a 120-day ban on refugees. “The Court’s Oct. 10 decision left little suspense as to how the justices would dispense with the Hawaii case — as in the Maryland case, the justices said the termination of the 120-day refugee ban mooted the controversy, warranting dismissal,” The DC reported.

The rulings are considered victories for the Trump administration, which sought a dismissal by the high court in September.

In each case, the Court wiped out lower court rulings from the 4th and 9th U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal that concluded Trump’s order was unlawful.

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