(National Sentinel) Conspiracy: News that Bill and Hillary Clinton are inextricably linked to the Uranium One scandal may have been leaked in an effort to sacrifice the former first couple in a bid to make it appear as though probes of President Donald Trump really aren’t political, Infowars claims.

If so, the sacrific of the Democratic Party’s most-favored political couple comes on the heels of the epic downfall of Hollywood mogel Harvey Weinstein, another Democrat favorite; both stories were recently leaked to the media by someone who either has an axe to grind or is attempting to provide cover for a much larger scandal, the web site theorizes:

Already the mainstream media, which one year ago promoted Hillary Clinton as a “glowing goddess,” is slowly but surely publishing headlines linking the Clintons to the Russian Uranium One scandal.

This suggests that the globalists in control of mass media are fixing to dump the Clintons much like how Harvey Weinstein was burned, albeit the latter for sexual improprieties instead of political scandals.

Even The Hill, which is reliably left-of-center, allowed a conservative — David Bossie, Trump’s one-time deputy campaign manager and current president of Citizens United — to pen an op-ed calling for a special counsel to investigate (and prosecute) the Clintons.

More from Infowars:

Last week, blockbuster allegations surfaced in The Hill shedding light on what was happening inside the Obama administration and FBI while Russia was seeking control of massive amounts of our uranium supply. It turns out that the Obama administration inexplicably approved the uranium deal with Russia even though the FBI was investigating a massive corruption scheme that included bribery, extortion and other felonies involving Russia’s nuclear energy industry in the United States.

This level of accurate reporting, at the expense of the Clintons, is unprecedented for The Hill, which was once a major Clinton cheerleader.

Of course, accurate reporting has never been the mainstream media’s modus operandi.  So what’s the real gameplan here?

The site believes that the Clintons are to be sacrificed in order to continue advancing an anti-Trump agenda:

Remember, the power elites have no real loyalty to the Clintons. The Clintons served them, not the other way around, and now the crime duo is presenting a problem because the Clintons are guilty of just about everything they’re accusing Trump of doing.

So here’s what’s likely their next move: Burn the Clintons for their crimes to set a precedent to accuse Trump of similar criminality while claiming it isn’t politically motivated.

This is exactly what they did with the Weinstein scandal, and remember at one point the fallen producer was seen as “untouchable” just like the Clintons.

However, Infowars speculates further that this tactic won’t work on Trump because he “lacks the criminality” of the Clintons.

What are your thoughts?

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