(National Sentinel) Corruption: As a special counsel continues to probe thus-far unsubstantiated charges that the Trump campaign “colluded” with the Russian government to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton, a pair of House chairmen have announced their panels will probe actions the Obama Justice Department may have taken during Election 2016.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, chairman of the Oversight Committee, announced the probe, reports The Associated Press.

Specifically, both chairmen said they have a number of questions, including why then-FBI Director James Comey made the decision to publicly announce the investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, but did not publicly announce investigations into then-GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s campaign associates.

“Our justice system is represented by a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales. Those scales do not tip to the right or the left; they do not recognize wealth, power, or social status,” the chairmen said in a statement.

“The impartiality of our justice system is the bedrock of our republic and our fellow citizens must have confidence in its objectivity, independence, and evenhandedness. The law is the most equalizing force in this country. No entity or individual is exempt from oversight,” they said.

“Decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016 have led to a host of outstanding questions that must be answered,” the pair continued.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • FBI’s decision to publicly announce the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified information but not to publicly announce the investigation into campaign associates of then-candidate Donald Trump;
  • FBI’s decision to notify Congress by formal letter of the status of the investigation both in October and November of 2016;
  • FBI’s decision to appropriate full decision making in respect to charging or not charging Secretary Clinton to the FBI rather than the DOJ; and
  • FBI’s timeline in respect to charging decisions.

“The Committees will review these decisions and others to better understand the reasoning behind how certain conclusions were drawn. Congress has a constitutional duty to preserve the integrity of our justice system by ensuring transparency and accountability of actions taken,” they noted.

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