(National Sentinel) Slander: If you haven’t figured out the disgusting Democratic Party’s election strategy moving forward, it’s this: Paint everyone associated with President Donald J. Trump and his supporters as bigots, racists and “white supremacists.”

The latest slimeball to make the accusation is Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who called Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller a white supremacist over the weekend.

On Sunday the White House fired back. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders chastised Brown for his appearance on — where else? – CNN, in which he dog-whistled to the Democratic base that Miller “seems to be” a white supremacist.

Further, and without citing any specific evidence, he also said that “studies of shown that they have their allies sprinkled around the White House.”

“Senator Brown’s comments are outrageous and slanderous,” Sanders said in a statement. “The nonstop name-calling from the left continues to show an inability to build consensus and fix the problems ailing hardworking Americans. Senator Brown needs to understand that when he calls out public servants who are part of the Trump Administration, he is indicting the voters in Ohio themselves who overwhelmingly voted for the President’s agenda.”

“Instead of performing theatre for the extreme left fringe, his time would be better spent fighting for everyday people by supporting the Trump Agenda of pro-worker trade and immigration policies that will raise wages and living standards for all Americans,” Sanders added.

During the CNN interview, Brown also said he considered Stephen Bannon, former White House chief strategist and current executive chairman of Breitbart News, to definitively be a white supremacist, using even stronger language than accusations he threw at Miller.

Brown’s comments come following Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson’s remarks Friday. In an interview with The New York Times, Wilson charged that “The White House is full of white supremacists.”


These kinds of slanderous, ad hoc attacks — were they being made by a private citizen — would be legally actionable. But as a sitting U.S. senator, Brown gets away with libelous hate speech in which he disparages better than half the country.

Still, this is largely why Democrats keep losing elections. But honestly, as far as we’re concerned here at TNS, by all means, we’d like Democrats to keep them up because the longer they do so, the more they will continue to remain out of power.

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