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Limbaugh: ‘Obvious’ Trump is succeeding

Despite the fact that every day is a battle for Trump, he is the one who keeps coming out on top

(National SentinelPolitical Agendas: Talk show giant Rush Limbaugh took some time to just absorb the opposition — Democrats, RINOs, the media — surrounding President Donald J. Trump’s administration thus far and came up with a singular conclusion: Trump is winning, and it’s patently obviously that he is winning when you look at all the evidence.

“The Democrats are having to circle the wagons in ways in which they have been hoping and praying Trump would have to,” Limbaugh observed Thursday.

“When you take a day off and you look at all of this — and all I did was absorb it without having any outlet to comment on it — it is obvious who’s coming unglued here,” he said. “And it’s obvious who’s losing their cookies. And it’s obvious who’s becoming unhinged.”

Despite the fact that every day is a battle for Trump, he is the one who keeps coming out on top.

“They’ve fired every weapon they’ve got with every bit of ammo they’ve got, and nothing is getting rid of Trump,” Limbaugh noted. “Nothing is really derailing the Trump agenda other than some recalcitrant Republicans.”

Despite it all, the Trump agenda is moving ahead. Also, Limbaugh noted, Trump’s detractors have yet to impact his base.

“After almost a year now of lies from the deep state and leaks that were treated as gospel by the drive-by media, they’ve got nothing,” he said, referring to the various investigations into hoaxes like ‘Russian collusion.’

“They can’t find any Russians that anybody can find who colluded with anybody, other than the ambassador who had lunch every day with everybody,” he continued.

And because they’ve yet to ‘indict’ Trump on anything substantial, the Alt-Left and the perpetually angry Democrats are now attempting to portray him as ‘unfit’ for office.

“So they have moved directions to ‘Trump is nuts, Trump is unhinged, Trump is insane.’ It shows up now in every commentary,” he said. “It’s all day, just like the Russia stuff was. It’s all day on PMSNBC and it’s all day on CNN.”

“He doesn’t appear to be disturbed, bothered, upset. He doesn’t appear to be deranged,” Limbaugh said. “He exhibits none of the characteristics that the drive-by media says with their associates.”

“Millions of people do not think Trump is nuts … or anything of the sort,” he said.

But those same people do think his detractors are.

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