(National Sentinel) Trump First: Former presidential advisor Steve Bannon is teaming up with Fox News host and talk show queen Laura Ingraham to unseat #nevertrump RINO Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Flake is the latest target of the populist American-First movement began by President Donald J. Trump during his campaign last year, and which helped Judge Roy Moore defeat incumbent GOP Sen. Luther Strange in Alabama during a primary last month.

“This revolt is going from Alabama to Arizona,” Bannon proclaimed in a reference to Moore’s win.

Bannon and Ingraham were in Arizona Tuesday night to help Dr. Kelli Ward launch her effort to successfully primary Flake, who has been all about trashing Trump and thwarting the agenda that got him elected.

Bannon told the crowd of hundreds he backs Moore and now Ward because they back the president’s agenda, not that of the GOP establishment.

Added Ingraham, “It’s time to melt the snowflake.”

The conservative host contended that Flake’s willingness to “give away the Supreme Court” by refusing to support Trump’s candidacy made him unfit to serve as a Republican senator.

There are troubling signs ahead for Flake already. He is the least popular senator up for re-election, according to a Morning Consult poll conducted over the summer.

Of those surveyed, just 37 percent approved of his job performance, while 45 percent disapproved.

The two GOP senators who are even less popular — Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate Majority Leader — aren’t up for reelection next year. That said, with McCain being stricken with brain cancer, it’s hard to say how long he will remain healthy enough to serve. And McConnell and Trump sort of made up this week.

Slowly but surely the GOP establishment and its #nevertrump wing are learning that ditching this president isn’t a good move, politically. And there are America firsters like Bannon and Ingraham waiting in the wings to support challengers to those Republicans who continue to behave like Democrats when it comes to the Trump agenda.

As for Ward, who was first elected to Arizona state Senate in 2012, she currently has a double-digit lead over Flake in polling.

“I’m a liberty-loving constitutional conservative that’s ready to go to Washington and drain the swamp,” Ward said.

Yeah, that’s not Flake.

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