(National Sentinel) Hollyweird: We’re learning more and more daily about the widening sexual assault scandal surrounding mogul producer Harvey Weinstein, and it’s getting uglier all the time.

Now, a longtime screenwriter, Scott Rosenberg — whose filmography includes films like “Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Beautiful Girls,” and “High Fidelity” — has written a scathing Facebook post that’s going viral admitting that Weinstein’s proclivities were well known to the relatively small Hollywood community.

In his post, he repeatedly said that everybody in Hollywood “f***ing knew” what Weinstein had done, and would not stop doing, to women within the industry. What’s more, he apologized extensively for getting caught up in the mystique behind Weinstein’s “Golden Goose”-like success.

He talked about the good, old days in Hollywood before apologizing about remaining silent and on the sidelines.

“I’ve worked with Mira [Sorvino] and Rosanna [Arquette] and Lysette [Anthony],” he wrote. “I’ve known Rose [McGowan] and Ashley [Judd] and Claire [Forlani] for years … Their courage only hangs a lantern on my shame.”

He noted that Weinstein would lavish gifts on him and treated him personally very well, but that should not excuse his silence.

“I reaped the rewards and I kept my mouth shut,” he said. “God help me,” he added.

“Again,” he continued, “maybe we didn’t know the degree. The magnitude of the awfulness. Not the rapes. Not the shoving against the wall. Not the potted-plant f***ing. But we knew something.”

As he wrapped up his missive, Rosenberg encouraged others to come forward and be honest for a change.

“You should be sorry, too,” Rosenberg added. “Because I was there with you.”

This latest admission really does make us wonder just how many more people not only know about Weinstein’s behavior but also have the lurid details.

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