Trump ex-campaign manager: ‘There was a sexual assault in the White House - Bill Clinton’

(National SentinelCapitol Hillbillies: A former campaign manager for Donald J. Trump says that yes, there certainly has been a sexual assaulter in the White House, but it’s not the current occupant.

Legacy Food StorageRather, says Corey Lewandowski, it was Bill Clinton.

The former campaign boss was firing back at sexual assault enabler and ‘champion of women’ Hillary Clinton, who’s been on tour promoting her lousy book and telling every journalist who will listen that Trump’s a cad while ignoring her own husband’s well-established history of sexual abuse.

“This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics — after all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office — there has to be a recognition that we must stand against this kind of action that is so sexist and misogynistic,” Clinton told the BBC, in response to sexual abuse allegations against friend and benefactor Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mega-mogul.

Clinton was quiet for five days after the allegations against Weinstein surfaced, though had they been about Trump or any Republican, she would have broken a hip galloping for the nearest microphone to denounce them.

During an appearance on Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends” recently, Lewandowski fired back at Clinton.

“There was a sexual assaulter in the White House. He was called Bill Clinton,” he said.

“He had to pay a $750,000 fine for abuses that he perpetrated while he was president of the United States. He was disbarred. He lost his law license, he lied under oath and he was impeached,” he continued, referencing the settlement he reached with accuser Paula Jones in the late 1990s and his impeachment over lying about his sexual relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky. (And actually, the settlement was $850,000, but who’s counting?)

“That’s the sexual assaulter she should be talking about in the White House,” Lewandowski added.

He went on to note that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a shred of credibility left, especially after blaming everyone else for her own faults and shortcomings during last year’s election loss.

“Having run the worst campaign in the history of presidential campaigns,” Clinton was on a “book tour to say that it’s everyone else’s fault but her own,” he said.

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