(National Sentinel) Hollywon’t: Another day, another foul-mouthed rant by a Hollywood “star” who is still unable to accept that Donald J. Trump managed to win the highest elected office in the free world.

This time its Robert De Niro, who infected a charity event in New York City who directed a four-letter-word tirade of incredible disrespect against our sitting president.

Referring to Trump as a “lowlife,” De Niro went on to ‘ban’ Trump from sitting on a NYC park bench dedicated to himself.

“One of my pleasures will be keeping people off my bench who don’t deserve a view of the park like Donald Trump,” De Niro said at the Annual Hudson River Park Gala. “F**k you, Donald Trump. It’s a horror with this motherf**ker.”

Yeah, that’ll show Trump!

According to the New York Daily News, De Niro went on to describe Trump as a “low life.”

For the past year, De Niro has repeatedly attacked and even threatened to punch Trump “in the face.”

“I mean, he’s so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, he’s a bullsh*t artist, a mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care, thinks he’s gaming society, doesn’t pay his taxes,” the 73-year-old Godfather star said in a video broadcast.

“He’s an embarrassment to this country,” De Niro continued. “He talks [about] how he wants to punch people in the face… I’d like to punch him in the face.”

Sticks and stones, Bob. And oh, by the way, Trump does pay his taxes; thanks to Rachel Maddow, we know he pays a helluva lot in taxes.

No, Bob, if anyone is an “embarrassment” to our country, it’s washed-up, foul-mouthed Hollywood clowns like you who have never done what Trump has managed to do in his life and never will.

But it does our heart good here at TNS to see how ticked off his daily presence in the White House makes you and the rest of your Hollyweird friends.

Maybe you should save some of your angst for your buddy Harvey Weinstein, the real sexual assaulter.

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