(National Sentinel) Military Moves: President Donald J. Trump may have ordered a second U.S. aircraft carrier strike group into waters off the Korean peninsula, according to public U.S. Navy deployment records.

Legacy Food StorageAs reported by the UK’s Daily Star, which admittedly is a tabloid, the president ordered the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, to the western Pacific just about a week after he gave reporters a cryptic message after meeting with military chiefs in the White House.

It is expected to arrive in region in the coming weeks amid fears North Korea is about to test another missile or nuclear weapon, the paper said.

“The US Navy carrier strike group is the most versatile, capable force at sea,” said Adm. Steve Koehler, strike group commander, in a statement before the carrier’s launch.

“After nearly a year of training and integration exercises, the entire team is ready as a warfighting force and ready to carry out the nation’s tasking,” he added.

Per the following map from Stratfor, the USS Theodore Roosevelt will join the USS Ronald Reagan which is already operating in the region, reported Zero Hedge.

The buildup of naval forces in waters off the Korean peninsula follows an ominous warning from the President last week that preceded a dinner with military leaders: “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” he said: “It could be the calm… before… the storm.”

BustedTees - The Best Thing To Happen To T-Shirts Since SleevesWhen pressed further about what he meant — Iran or North Korea or ISIS — Trump replied, “You’ll find out.”

Ship deployments, especially carrier strike groups, are planned well in advance by the Pentagon. But of course, as situations change around the globe, ship taskings can change, too, depending on the president’s policies and military objectives.

Time will tell, but Roosevelt‘s deployment follows the second South Korean port call this year of the USS Michigan, a nuclear-powered, Tomahawk-carrying cruise missile submarine, loaded with 154 of the land-attack weapons.

There is a lot of firepower amassing off the North Korean coastline.

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