(National Sentinel) Real Legacy: Former President Obama’s post-presidential library in Chicago will be missing something that you normally find in all other presidential libraries: Documents.

Yes, the man who once pledged to be “the most transparent in history” has chosen to digitalize his library, leaving many to wonder just what it is Obama may be trying to hide.

As Fox News reports:

The Obama Foundation is taking an unconventional approach to the presidential center and library being planned in Chicago. It’s opting to host a digital archive of President Barack Obama’s records, but not keep his hard-copy manuscripts and letters and other documents onsite. 

That means no thumbing through the ex-president’s correspondence on the health care fight or first drafts of his State of the Union addresses. 

The decision has historians scratching their heads.

“All archivists are waiting to see how this will work, because we are all struggling with how to make things available digitally,” Peggy Glowacki, a manuscripts librarian at the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, told the Chicago Tribune.


The Tribune reported that while Obama’s physical records are currently in a private facility in Illinois, they will likely be shipped to locations in and around Washington, D.C. One upside for organizers to keeping documents out of the presidential center, according to the report, is that officials could skirt certain federal standards for construction. 

This is vintage Obama — always looking for some way to “skirt” federal regulations and ‘standards.

““The Obama Foundation will be funding through private funds the digitization of all non-classified presidential records in order to help facilitate better access to these documents to a broader audience,” said an Obama Foundation spokesperson, in an interview with Fox News.

Sure. The ol’ “keeping with the times” excuse, because you know, Obama’s so cool, so hip, so with the times.

This is nothing more than an attempt to hide certain documents from the public, much like his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, did when she set up her own private email server, which Obama knew about.

President Transparency doesn’t want you to see all his documents — like, say, his college transcripts?

But then again, Obama’s presidential library really was always intended to primarily be something else: A training center for the next generation of Marxist Leftists. Obama himself said as much in May when he described it as “more like a campus,” with plans to position it as a “premier institution for training young people in leadership.”

You don’t really think there will be classes in conservatism or constitutionalism held at the Obama Presidential Center, do you?

Yeah, neither do we.

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