(National Sentinel) Domestic Terrorism: As high as the number of people Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock killed and wounded was, the body count and destruction could have been far worse had one of the most diabolical aspects of his master plan had gone his way.

As reported by CNN, two law enforcement sources said that Paddock, 64, fired special “incendiary” bullets at a fuel tank holding 43,000 barrels in what investigators believe was an effort to ignite it and cause a massive explosion.

The so-called incendiary rounds were found in Paddock’s Mandalay Bay Casino hotel room. Experts say they are designed to ignite what they hit. Also, they were found near the fuel tank just a short distance away from the McCarran International Airport, which is parallel to the heavily populated Las Vegas strip.

Police had already disclosed that Paddock had fired at the tank and actually hit it with two bullets at some point during his Oct. 1 attack on a crowd of 22,000 below him attending a country music concert at the Route 91venue. However, they did not disclose the fact that he used incendiary rounds to do so. Tanks located near the airport contain jet fuel.

The sources who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity said that incendiary rounds were found in an area near the tank that was struck, though it isn’t clear if those rounds were of the incendiary variety, sources said. Airport spokesman Chris Jones told the network he was not aware that any bullets being recovered except those that struck the tank.

Last week, airport officials downplayed any notion that the kind of rifles Paddock used in his attack were capable of causing an explosion at the fuel tanks. They noted that jet fuel is refined in a way that allows it to withstand short-term exposure to flame without igniting.

You may recall that shortly after Paddock’s attack, ISIS announced that he had “sworn allegiance” to the terrorist organization weeks before his attack. This new development — that he might have attempted to set off fuel storage tanks with the hope of causing a major explosion and much more death — certainly fits the pattern of terrorism, as does using automatic fire to attack a crowd of concert-goers.

Talk about striking terror in the hearts of Americans, that would have done so even more than the gunfire itself has.

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