(National Sentinel) Executive Branch: Despite the never-ending hate from the “mainstream” media, entertainment industry, and Democrats in general, President Donald J. Trump’s approval rating climbed again recently, thanks to a series of high-profile good deeds.

The latest presidential tracking poll by Rasmussen Reports found that Trump’s overall approval rating has climbed to 45 percent, though 54 percent said they disapproved.

Trump has gotten positive numbers from his visits to hurricane-savaged areas in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, as well as his handling of the disasters.

In addition, Trump’s visit to Las Vegas to meet with victims of last weekend’s mass shooting is also being well-received by most Americans.

The president’s approval rating has been inching upward over the past month, driven by a number of factors including his administration’s response to the storms and his taking on the NFL over its player protests.

Update: This morning after this story was posted, Rasmussen updated its polling figures; Trump’s approval rating is actually up to 46 percent.

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