(National Sentinel) Mass Murder: Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was leading a “secret double life” before committing the single most deadly act of mass murder in U.S. history, authorities said Wednesday evening.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo made the stunning revelation without adding any further details or context to his claim during a televised briefing with reporters, a briefing that was also attended by the FBI and Nevada politicians.

In addition, Lombardo said:

  • Investigators have found evidence indicating that Paddock, 64, had actually planned to survive the attack;
  • During the attack, some of his rifles jammed, but Lombardo said that he had “plenty of other” weapons at his disposal — reports said he had 23 guns in his Mandalay Bay hotel room;
  • Alluding to the claim that Paddock led a double, secret life, Lombardo said that the attack was “meticulously planned” and that Paddock had scoped out the Route 91 concert venue two weeks earlier;
  • Advanced planning even included being able to find the right time to secure the room he wanted on the 32nd floor, which Lombardo said was a difficult task in Vegas, given all of the tourism;
  • Police discovered dozens of pounds of the explosive tannerite, which detonates after being contacted by a bullet and is normally used for target practice;
  • Cops also found other explosive materials in his vehicle, which was parked in the Mandalay Bay garage;
  • Paddock fired more than 200 rounds at a hotel security guard who had discovered where the shooting was coming from, wounding him;
  • Police believe that Paddock spent decades collecting guns and perhaps 20 years planning his attack;
  • The same security guard led Las Vegas police and SWAT team members to the room, which Paddock had equipped with cameras inside and outside on a room service cart in order to alert him to anyone approaching his room;
  • So far neither the Sheriff’s Department or the FBI have found any links between Paddock and international terrorism organizations.

Lombardo said that Marilou Danley, Paddock’s girlfriend, has told authorities she had no idea what he was planning and that she believed he sent her away to the Philippines — where he had wired her $100,000 — in order to “break up” with her.

FBI officials at the briefing refused to answer questions about whether Danley was cooperating with authorities and what kind of cooperation and information she was providing. They also said that they had “no one in custody” regarding the attack, meaning the FBI at this point does not regard her as a suspect.

Cops also believe that someone, somewhere, had to have known what Paddock was planning and likely helped him do so. Also, Lombardo said he is certain that others knew about Paddock’s double, secretive life.

“At face value he had to have some help at some point and we want to ensure that that’s the answer,” Lombardo said. “Maybe he was a superhuman who figured this out all on his own but it would be hard for me to believe that.”

As he concluded the briefing, Paddock appealed to the public for assistance, asking anyone who has any information about Paddock and the attack to please step forward.

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