(National Sentinel) Domestic Terrorism: In a surprise statement, the local Las Vegas-area sheriff says that shooter Stephen Paddock may have been “radicalized” recently, which may help explain why he planned and carried out America’s worst mass murder in history.

As reported by Infowars, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo also hinted that investigators may also be looking into how the radicalization may have occurred.

“Did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us? And we want to identify that source,” said Lombardo.

If so, that would also confirm suspicions among some Americans that there was a political motive behind the shootings. Paddock opened fire on 22,000 people attending a country music festival; some in the mainstream media bigots have already suggested that Paddock’s attack could have been aimed at supporters of President Donald J. Trump, many of whom are likely country music fans.

As Infowars reported earlier, according to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner, Paddock may have deliberately targeted conservatives attending a country music concert.

Paddock’s family insists that he had no strong political or religious inclinations.

Meanwhile, FBI investigators met Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, at Los Angeles International Airport after she got off a flight from the Philippines in a wheelchair. She left the U.S. for the Philippines 10 days before the shootings, the UK’s Daily Mail reports. She is now being considered a “person of interest” by the Feds.

Investigators previously announced that Paddock had sent $100,000 to the Philippines before he carried out his meticulously planned attack. Reports said it was not clear who the money was wired to, if anyone.

Other revelations include:

  • Paddock was know to berate Danley, 62, believed to be an Australian citizen, at a local Vegas starbucks;
  • Police believe she may have been living a double life, having been married to two men at once and possessing two Social Security numbers;
  • Paddock, 64, was prescribed anti-anxiety medications four months before he carried out his attack;
  • Paddock was prescribed 50 10 milligram diazepam tablets – also known as Valium – on June 21 by Vegas doctor Steven Winkler, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports;
  • It’s possible that Paddock left a note before he allegedly shot himself as police closed in on his hotel room;
  • Danley’s siblings have broken their silence, saying that she was not aware of what her boyfriend was plotting.

Danley’s sisters, Amelia Manango and Liza Werner, believe that she was “sent away” by Paddock before the shootings so that she would not be in Vegas when the attack took place.


“I know that she don’t know anything as well like us. She was sent away. She was sent away so that she will not be there to interfere with what he’s planning,” one of them told Filipino media.

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